Dustin Quick welcomes you to

Holy Smokes: Cigars, Catholicism, and Conversation

Hello all! I am a revert from Protestantism, Islam, and Chrislam.

I have a podcast called Holy Smokes: Cigars, Catholicism, and Conversation, in which I show that our faith is the restoration and fulfillment of Solomon’s Temple, the Melchizedek Priesthood, and the Eternal Covenant; you can find everything from Mariology, to the Eucharist, to the Papacy! Catholicism is truly the Biblical religion – more authentically so than Rabbinic and even Second Temple Judaism. I also cover apologetics and spirituality. And I do it all while enjoying another one of my passions: cigars!

So far, my guests have included Margaret Barker (founder of Temple Theology), Rachel Fulton Brown (expert on medieval Marian devotion), Daniel Suazo (Messianic Me TV), Roy Schoeman (Salvation is from the Jews), Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, Mike Aquilina, Michael Lofton (Reason and Theology), and more!

If you’re looking to discover the real, ancient roots of our faith, and fall in love and awe with it all over again, please like, share and subscribe!

God bless!